Tax Collector

Tax Collector

Tax Collector eli veronkerääjä on Hardmodessa saatava NPC. Häneltä voi kerätä rahaa välillä. Jotta Tax Collectorin saa, pelaajan täytyy mennä Alamaailman ja puhdistaa hänet Tortured Soulista

Näin saat puhdistettua Tortured Soulin puhdistus puuterilla.

Tax Collector Muokkaa

Tax Collectorin nimet
  • Andrew
  • Agnew
  • Blanton
  • Carroll
  • Chester
  • Cleveland
  • Dwyer
  • Fillmore
  • Grover
  • Harrison
  • Lyndon
  • McKinley
  • Millard
  • Theodore
  • Tweed
  • Warren
  • Woodrow
Tax Collectorin lainaukset
  • "Must everyone open and shut doors so incredibly noisily around here?!"
  • "I just came from <Merchantin nimi>. He wanted to know if I took credit cards."
  • "I see you're free of time, as usual. Can't imagine what work life would be for your kind of folk."
  • "...two barrels of molasses, plus -- Oh, nevermind that, you're here. Here's your money."
  • "What does a man have to do to be left alone in this place? Go bugger someone less busy!"
  • "You again? Suppose you want more money!?"
  • "Yes, yes, yes! -- I'll give you your share in just a moment. I'd think you to be a bit more patient, what with me doing all the work and all."

Kun klikkaat 'Collect' ja Tax Collectorilla on rahaa:

  • "Here you are again, taking all my coin! Just grab it and begone from my sight!"
  • "Here's your cut of the taxes that I've taken from our surplus population!"

Kun klikkaat 'Collect', mutta Tax Collectorilla ei ole rahaa:

  • "Not so fast! You got your money, now begone!"
  • "Bah! You again? You just grabbed some of my coin just moments ago, so bugger off and come back later!"
  • "I just gave you half a crown five minutes ago! Scram!"
  • "You just received your pay, and not a farthing more! Get out!"
  • "Oh, so you just see me as a coin sign, eh? 'Cus every time you see me, you ask me."
  • "Reaching into my moneybags again already!? And you call ME greedy."
  • "Money doesn't grow on trees, so don't overpick my fruit! Bah!
  • "You already managed to spend every pence I paid you!? Bah, I'm not a charity, go kill a slime!"
  • "Don't you ever stop just to say 'Hi?' "
  • "Begging so soon?! Don't look at me like I'll have a change of heart overnight!"
  • "...And people call me greedy? No, I have nothing else for you."

Triviaa Muokkaa

  • Tax Collector muistuttaa ulkonäöltään kirjassa Joulukertomus esiintyvää Ebenezer Scroogea, joka ajattelee vain rahaa.

Päivityshistoria Muokkaa

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Tax Collector Tax Collector

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